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  • Rishi
    "My average size is 16-17 cm, I always thought this is normal. Then I started having problems with his wife was in bed I learned that sensory deprived, length, period. Sorry would be an understatement, but I found the ad Maxisize and can I say, this works really well. My 5 points!"
  • Rahul
    "Maxisize despite the move, own as you can tell, this is more of an erection duration not to move dimensions. My girl's happy, too. Sometimes lessons again".
  • Anand
    "Penis enlargement cream gave me a few cm long, slightly increased in volume. If there was a hesitation before, just forgot what is this about frequently in recent months. Recommended side effects you may notice so safely".
  • Amit
    "It's not believed that advertising, but in vain – with Maxisize bought some length, volume, tons and half an hour of physical events self-confidence. Note – reasonable price and processes, without the health risks!"
  • Shreya
    "I used the cream, my husband believed in advertising (still the joke on the stupidity of the venture). Mock cream really works was in vain, a thing of an inch is not measured, but passionate sex and a long marriage turned to us even after many years".
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